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This adventure started in 2010 when a friend suggested to her friend that she use my horse barn for her wedding in my barn loft. Needless to say the loft was a mess with hay bales everywhere and remnants of paint ball fights all over, if you look close at the walls, you will see paint splatters. There was no easy access to the loft so a set of stairs with railing had to be built before the wedding could take place. The cleaning was complete and the wedding took place. What an exciting day to have a wedding in the horse barn. After that day everything went back to normal and then BOOM. About 3 years later, another friend (an event planner) asked if I had thought about having events at the barn, mainly weddings, which started the wheels turning. We had an open house in 2013 which brought many vendors to tour this new unique barn venue. We booked our first wedding reception for May 2013 and had our first official wedding take place on May 30, 2013. Several events and weddings were held that first year of 2013. I wasn’t sure what 2014 would be like but with the only advertising I could afford was the free advertising, word of mouth, which is the best kind of advertising, booking of events took off at Millikan Farms. When 2014 arrived and the year was booked with events, weddings and photo shoots, I knew Millikan Farms was here to stay.